Small issue with SMTP Settings

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Small issue with SMTP Settings

Post by evp »

Hi Mathias,

In Delphi 10.4.2 in the MadExcept settings for the email, i can set the port for the SMTP Server protocol to 587
In Delphi 11 I can't, it keeps returning to Auto.

(Version 5.1.2 of MadExcept)

Kind regards,
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Re: Small issue with SMTP Settings

Post by madshi »

The wizard auto detects specific port numbers for specific protocols. E.g. if you use TLS, port 587 is identical to "auto", so if you enter 587 with the dropdown set to TLS, it will be replaced with "auto". Same if you use SSL, then you can't enter port 465. That will be replaced with "auto". Or if you use "---" then port 25 will be replaced with "auto".

This is the madExcept wizard dialog trying to be clever. Maybe it's a bit confusing? However, it has always been this way, and it's the same in all Delphi versions. I've tested that here with Delphi 11 and it behaves as described above.
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