SendSmtpMail - CC and BCC are missing

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SendSmtpMail - CC and BCC are missing

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until now CC and BCC are not possible with SendSmtpMail. Do you have plans to implement that in a future release?

Thanks in advance, Markus
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Re: SendSmtpMail - CC and BCC are missing

Post by madshi »

SendSmtpMail is just a re-purposing of the SMTP functionality that madExcept needs internally - and so far I've not seen a need to do CC and BCC within madExcept's own functionality. So because of that SendSmtpMail doesn't support it, either. Of course it would be possible to add, but since madExcept's own SMTP stuff doesn't use it, it would only be beneficial for devs who call SendSmtpMail directly. Which frankly are probably only very few. You're actually the first dev ever asking for CC and BCC, as far as I remember.
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