ANN: madExcept 2.7c

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ANN: madExcept 2.7c

Postby madshi » Mon Aug 16, 2004 3:02 pm

Today I'm releasing madExcept 2.7c. There are some bugfixes
and also some minor improvements. Here's a list of the most
important changes:

- hardware list optionally added to bug report
- added some more information fields to the bug report header
- stack not accessible: at least except location is shown now
- only Delphi threads are suspended by madExcept now
- MX lookup uses the OS' DNS ip address now (-> firewalls)
- MailSubject now supports %exceptMsg%, too
- ".bat" in project group made problems in D4 and D5
- line numbers are added to disassembling (Delphi only)
- mouse cursor is now added to the bitmap
- undocumented HookSafeCallExceptions function added
- relative infos don't modify absolute infos anymore

I need to explain the last two mentioned changes:

(1) Normally madExcept does not catch safecall exceptions
on the server side. Such exceptions get handled by Delphi
and are then passed back to the client. But madExcept 2.7c
now offers you the option to catch the server side safecall
exceptions, too. You can activate this new functionality
by calling the undocumented "HookSafeCallExceptions" function
(exported by madExcept). I've one little request to those of
you, who are using safecall stuff: Would you like having this
new server side safecall exception hooking always enabled? Or
are there situations where you don't want it? In that case
I'll add an option to the settings dialog of the next
madExcept version. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

(2) When enabling relative line numbers in the bug report
settings, the old madExcept version changed the absolute
line numbers to show the beginning of the procedure. The
new version doesn't do that, anymore. There both the absolute
and relativ line number information directly point to the
exception location.

Here's the download:

mirror 1:
mirror 2:

This update is free for all existing customers. Please
let me know, if you have any problems with the new
version. Thanks!
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Re: ANN: madExcept 2.7c

Postby qprotex » Thu Oct 04, 2018 1:59 pm


Is HookSafeCallExceptions still available in last version 4.0.20? I am trying to catch a very weird issue in a COM server but I can't find that funcition available in MadExcept unit.

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Re: ANN: madExcept 2.7c

Postby madshi » Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:04 pm

Why are you asking a 4.x related question in the announement post of madExcept 2.7c? Would make much more sense to start a new thread instead.

Anyway. At one point in the past (a looong time ago) there was this HookSafecallExceptions method, which made madExcept catch all safecall exceptions and handle them like normal exceptions. However, user feedback was somewhat negative about this because it destroyed the intended way of safecall exceptions. So I've removed that and now exceptions go the normal way. Which means you can get access to those exceptions by overwriting TObject.SafeCallException. More details see here: ... lException

If you want madExcept to handle such exceptions for you, you can overwrite TObject.SafeCallException in your COM objects and then call "madExcept.HandleException(etNormal, ExceptObject, ExceptAddr)" inside. Does that help?
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