MadCodeHook 3.1.13 package question

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MadCodeHook 3.1.13 package question

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I downloaded the latest MadCodeHook package 3.1.13.
There were no Drivers in it, and the lib file was also only for 32 bit.
I want to upgrade from 3.1.5 to 3.1.13.

Ideally, everything should be replaced while migrating right? drivers, lib file, h file etc.
Why package only contains few files ??
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Re: MadCodeHook 3.1.13 package question

Post by madshi »

Did you also email me? At least I got a similar question via email just now. If so, please make up your mind if you want to use the forum or email, otherwise you're doubling my support cost/time. Here's what I already wrote via email:

The madCodeHook installer usually stores your key file in the
registry. So if you upgrade, installation should work fine without you
having to provide the key file again.

However, if you install madCodeHook on a new PC, or if you uninstall +
reinstall, then the installer will need the key file again. Without
the key file, installation will either fail or produce an incomplete

If you start the installer, does it show your name / company name in
the top right corner of the component selection screen? Is madCodeHook
3.x activated by default? And does it say that you have a commercial

My best guess right now is that you didn't provide the key file to the
installer, and as a result accidently installed the madCodeHook 2.x
evaluation version.

Installation works like this: Unzip the key file into the same folder
where the madCollection.exe file is located, then run the installer.
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