ANN: madCodeHook 3.1.3

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ANN: madCodeHook 3.1.3

Postby madshi » Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:14 pm

Today I'm releasing madCodeHook 3.1.3 with the following bugfixes and minor improvements:

(1) fixed: injecting multiple 32bit dlls in x64 OS crashed
(2) fixed: uninjecting DLL twice at the same time crashed
(3) fixed: IPC messages sometimes contained wrong session id
(4) fixed: incompatability with MSVC++ 2012 on Windows 8
(5) added support for csrss injection in Windows 8
(6) added new FOLLOW_JMP flag for HookAPI/Code
(7) fixed crash when hooking system APIs in x64 MSSQL
(8) [delphi] fixed: 64bit injection crash when using Delphi XE2/3
(9) [driver] fixed: Verifier blue screens when using ex/include lists
(a) [driver] fixed: closing processes in x64 OSs sometimes froze
(b) [driver] fixed: injection failure with MSVC++ 2012 hook dlls (installer
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