For WIN OS professionals only, help needed?????????

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For WIN OS professionals only, help needed?????????

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Hi all
i am a student in IT institute

i am developing my graduation project
its a program named desktop locker

I am alone, no supervisior and no one to help me.

my problem is that i dont know, what OR how to do that
i will tell you what i have did, and plz plz plz.
give me your opinion and advise

when my program lock the computer it does:

1- lunch Topmost form with full screen,no borders
2- it listens to move and resize MSG's and it prevent them
3- it makes a timer that will make my program on top every 1 milie second, and it checks if the active widown is from our process or not

4- it blocks all the (alt or ctrl or win) keys
5- it blocks the shutdown operation, un less it is forced
6- it blocks the minimze command even if it used by code like shell.minimizeall
7- it blocks the autorun on the CD ROM
8- it blocks the task manager form the registery
9- it listens to WM_SHOWWINDOW msg, and if it is hide, it will start a timer after 1mili sec to show my form, i did like that because i couldnt prevent the hiding operation
10- i make a dynamic class name for my form, this will change the class name for my form every time i lunch the program
11- hide the taskbar
12- disable and hide the desktop

i think that is all what i did to prevent any one to use the computer, unless he unlock it with a password

iam not sure if this is a good way or not.
give me opinions and advises
iam alone
help me
i need a profesional opinio and advice
and any one,any one who has an idea, plz tell it to me
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Post by madshi »

The better way would probably be to create an additional desktop. At least that's how the XP/2003 internal "lock computer" functionality works like.
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