GetSpecialFolder and CoUninitialize bug

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GetSpecialFolder and CoUninitialize bug

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Hi, madshi
I think i found a bug in unit madShell.
My dll plug-in for outlook stop response when I do OleUninitialize, basically Virtual Tree do this.
After debuging several days i found that problem caused by function
It using TIShellObj.Create that call CoInitialize(nil); but never call CoUnInitialize

I tried to comment all CoInitialize(nil); and using initialization/finalization
to do this job but
it freeze when on CoUnInitialize in finalization, seams you not free some COM objects.

I using this version.
// madShell.pas version: 1.3p · date: 2006-09-07

Best regards, Vitalie Esanu.
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Post by madshi »

What do I have to do to reproduce this problem on my PC? Thanks!
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