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Postby AndyBell » Tue Apr 07, 2020 2:06 pm


Are there any examples of using MadShell for C++ Builder?

I have no Pascal knowledge and the generated .hpp files aren't making any sense to me...

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Re: C++ Builder

Postby madshi » Wed Apr 08, 2020 10:19 am

Something like this seems to work for me:

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#include "madShell.h"

  _di_IShortCut shortCut = NewShortCut("D:\\Desktop\\test.exe");
  shortCut->WorkingDir = "D:\\Desktop";
  shortCut->ShowCmd    = SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED;

Generally, madShell uses Delphi type interfaces which are reference counted and automatically freed by the compiler. So you don't have to free/release "shortCut" in the example above, it's done automatically by Delphi/C++.
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