Restrict File Copy

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Restrict File Copy

Post by satKrish »

Hi ,

I have a problem . I need to restrict the copy access to a file say a WMA file when it is playing.
I am able to hide the file in "Program files" by creating it as different user.I just need to restrict the user from clicking "Save as" option.I disabled the "Save As " menu options. But there are windowed ActiveX controls on the media player with options like copying. I tried to get a handle to the Control Container holding the ActiveX controls. But I couldn't.
I believe there is protected access specified for that. Then I tried hooking my function in to WMP application and then trapping the windows messages to the application.

Is it possible to trap the windows messages when the user clicks an Activex Control ?or else can we trap the "Save As" message ?

How about working on altering DACL 's of a process? I mean I would like to change the privileges of a process once my process is invoked as another user who has less privileges than me. Once the file starts playing as another process then restricting the File System permissions for the process by adding a deny ACE ,hence if the user does "Save as" there should be access denied.

Pls Let me know your comments.
Do I need to work on Kernel Level Hooking for that using c++?
I need an Approach.

Thanks In Advance
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Post by madshi »


and sorry for the extremely late reply.

Honestly, I'm not sure how to realize what you're asking for. You could try using SetWindowsHookEx to get access to menu actions and that kind of stuff. But I'm not really an expert there.

Don't know much about how process DACLs work, either. madSecurity can handle DACLs, but I don't know the details about how these really affect processes in real life.
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