ANN: madCodeHook 4.1.3

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ANN: madCodeHook 4.1.3

Postby madshi » Thu Jul 16, 2020 9:30 pm

Today I'm releasing madCodeHook 4.1.3 with the following improvements:

(1) return to trusted "old" user mode injection method
(2) fixed potential thread timing bug in DestroyIpcQueue
(3) fixed potential memory leak in CopyFunction
(4) improved multi-threading for PatchCreateRemoteThread
(6) SendIpcMessage now defaults to not handle messages
(7) [driver] fixed vulnerability (redirecting dll file via junction)
(8) [driver] added several checks to prevent vulnerabilities
(9) [driver] only admin users can now open the driver in user land
(a) [driver] fix for rare BSOD when using approval callback
(b) [driver] fixed CFG problem when accessing user land memory (installer
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