IE - "Clear Search History" popup not displayed

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IE - "Clear Search History" popup not displayed

Postby stackcat » Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:40 am

(before question, i'm sorry about my low english level.. I made this post with google translate)

hi all.

In our program, we using madCHook version 3.1.13. it was very good. but few days ago we found a problem in IE.

If our dll created using madchook api is injected into ie, "Delete Search History" popup does not appear. (("Internet Options" -> "General" -> "Search History" -> "Delete"))

We are currently trying to solve the problem in various directions, one of which is the suspicion of madchook's "HookAPI(LPCSTR pszModule, LPCSTR pszFuncName, PVOID pCallbackFunc, PVOID *pNextHook, ....)" function. (Of course we think we have problems in our own source, and we are exploring.)

I wonder if anyone has experienced this problem, and how to solve it.

Thank you for reading this post.
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Re: IE - "Clear Search History" popup not displayed

Postby madshi » Tue Feb 27, 2018 3:54 pm

I haven't heard about this specific problem yet. Here are a few tips to analyze the problem further:

1) Try if the PrintMonitor demo (compiled by me) has the same problem:

If the PrintMonitor has the same problem, then it's likely to be a bug in madCodeHook itself. If the PrintMonitor doesn't show the problem, then the problem could be anywhere. It could be which APIs you're hooking. Or it could be some code in your hook DLL. Or it could still be a bug in madCodeHook.

2) Make sure you're following the hooking rules:

3) Try commenting out all the HookAPI() calls. Does that make any difference?

4) If 3) helps, next step would be to put the HookAPI() calls back in one by one, to find the one which is causing the problem.
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