'SystemProcesses' parameter of Inject Library function

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'SystemProcesses' parameter of Inject Library function

Post by manutai »

Hi MadShi,

We were exploring the meaning of 'systemProcesses' parameter of Inject Library function in DLL injection section.
Currently, we are passing this as TRUE.

But we don't want to inject any dll in system processes,
If we pass it as FALSE, which all processes it will exclude.

We did a quick dry run, but it was still getting injected in conhost.exe.
We want to know what is the meaning of systemProcesses?

Does it mean processes running from System Account? Or processes which are part of core OS?

Awaiting your reply.
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Re: 'SystemProcesses' parameter of Inject Library function

Post by madshi »

Basically it's the user account the process runs under. madCodeHook looks at the process user SID to decide whether to inject or not. You can see the user name listed in the task manager.

Usually the system processes and services are excluded when you set "SystemProcesses = false", but when using stuff like "runas", things can become slightly more complicated.
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