ANN: madCodeHook 3.1.8

c++ / delphi package - dll injection and api hooking
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ANN: madCodeHook 3.1.8

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Today I'm releasing madCodeHook 3.1.8 with the following changes:

(1) fixed: RestoreCode sometimes produced incorrect code
(2) fixed: hooking ntdll in non-large-address-aware x64 processes crashed
(3) FOLLOW_JMP now follows up to 10 JMPs in a row
(4) [driver] fixed denial of service vulnerability (found by Parvez Anwar)
(5) [C++] fixed: CreateProcessEx for x64 processes sometimes failed
(6) [C++] fixed: x64 hook installation sometimes (rarely) crashed
(7) [Delphi] fixed: XP/2003 x64: injection into 32bit processes failed
(8) [Delphi] added RAD Studio XE7 support (installer

The update is free for all licensed madCodeHook 3 users.
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