ANN: madCodeHook 3.0.2

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ANN: madCodeHook 3.0.2

Postby madshi » Mon Oct 03, 2011 12:19 pm

Today I'm releasing madCodeHook 3.0.2, with support for RAD Studio XE2.
Currently only XE2 32bit Windows projects are supported. XE2 64bit support
is planned for a future version.

madCodeHook 3.0.2:
(1) Delphi XE2 support
(2) make HookLoadLibrary work even if LoadLibraryExW is hooked
(3) fixed crash in XP/03 x64 when uninjection a non-existing dll
(4) fixed little bug in CopyFunction (

This update is free for all licensed madCodeHook 3 customers.
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