MadRemote question

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MadRemote question

Post by rhaehnel »

Is it possible for madremote to return nested records similar to:

pChildRec = ^TChildRec;
TChildRec = record
recname: pchar;

pParentRec = ^TParentRec;
TParentRec = record
recName: pchar;
childRec: pChildRec;

I modified and messed around w/ the demo app for madremote and was able to successfully return the ParentRec, but was unable to get ChildRec(even w/ ReadProcessMemory).

Or is there a better method to solve this problem?
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Post by madshi »

You should be able to read all this by using ReadProcessMemory. Please note that you need a seperate call for each pointer/buffer to read. When reading the child rec you still can't access the string. First you also need to read the "recname" buffer with another call to ReadProcessMemory, since "pchar" is just another pointer.
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