Program Shutting Down without Error

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Program Shutting Down without Error

Post by mcmahling »

I have a Delphi 2005 program on Windows XP. It works fine in the IDE but it shuts done when it is running on other machines. The program starts fine but when I run a particular routine the program shuts down. Is there some function in MadExcept that I can use to help me determine the problem?
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Post by mrpmorris »

I am having the same problem (which is why I am here)

The problem in my case is that I load a DLL dynamically and then execute a method within it. This method attempts to write a log to the folder in which it resides.

The problem is that the current user is not an administrator, so they do not have permission to write to c:\program files\mycompany\myapp\mydll

As soon as an attempt is made to save the file the app just disappears. madExcept doesn't seem to get a chance to do anything about it at all.

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Post by madshi »

mcmahling, have you tried compiling your exe with madExcept? Maybe it will show you why your program stops, maybe not. It's hard for me to say. After all we both don't know yet why it happens. There can be multiple reasons why a program shuts down. One possible reason is a bad crash. madExcept might be able to catch that. There are other reasons, though, which madExcept doesn't care about. E.g. if some part of your code calls "ExitProcess" somewhere, that's ok for madExcept. There can also be some crashes, which are not caught by madExcept. E.g. very bad stack overflows, or when the memory manager doesn't work, anymore.

Pete, how does that DLL logging function of yours look like? Have you compiled both the exe and the DLL with madExcept?
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