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Application Movie

Post by Oliver »

There's a request if non-technical today which got me thinking for some sort of Application Movie, could I use madexcept to do it? The user would just set some sort of debug mode, and then every time a button (or action) was executed, a PNG screenshot could be taken, and when the program crashes (or not), all of the screenshots could be mailed to me.

Can I attach more than one screenshot?
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Post by madshi »

You can create screenshots by using "madScreenShot.CreateScreenShotPng". You'll get a binary string back. Just save this string into a file named "png". Then fill your screenshot files into the string variable "madExcept.AddMailAttachments". There you can put in file names which you want to have attached to bug report mails. Seperate the files with a "|" char.
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