Not reporting TStringlist left open (5.10)

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Not reporting TStringlist left open (5.10)

Post by robrietow06 »

I just installed madExcept 5.10. I did the below and madExcept does not show an error.

Running Delphi 10.4 (32 bit).

var sl: tStringlist;
sl := TStringList.create;
sl.add('This should create an error on close');

I get an error indication if I set " ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutdown := DebugHook <> 0;"
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Re: Not reporting TStringlist left open (5.10)

Post by madshi »

Do you get a report like "No leaks found - well done"? Or don't you get any report at all? If you don't get any report at all (same as if you wouldn't have leak reporting enabled), then something is wrong.

FYI, your EXE needs to find madExcept32.dll to be able to do leak reporting. On your dev PC (if madExcept is properly installed), your EXE should find the dll automatically. But if you run your EXE on a different PC, the DLL will not be there, of course. You can simply distribute madExcept32.dll with your EXE file (same folder) to make leak reporting work on another PC.

Hope that helps?
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