SMPT send problem with port 465/587

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SMPT send problem with port 465/587

Post by sirwhale »

We are checking madExcept in plans to buy new version.

If we setup no encryption and port 25 all is fine mail is send.
But if change to 465 SSL or 587 TLS it fail with message (Helo filed)

I thought there is problem with mail server configuration but when i put same settings in Outlook i send mails fine
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Re: SMPT send problem with port 465/587

Post by madshi »

Uhm... Not sure why it failed. Analyzing this could be quite tricky. Have you considered using a HTTP upload script instead? It's the most reliable method to send bug reports because most firewalls let HTTP requests through, while some might still block SMTP ports. Unfortunately, setting up HTTP upload is a bit tricky, you basically need to upload a script to your web server. E.g. here's a script you could try/use:
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Re: SMPT send problem with port 465/587

Post by iconic »

Completely agree with Madshi on this one. HTTP would be the best way to go given your circumstances.

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