Leak report - InitializeCriticalSection

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Leak report - InitializeCriticalSection

Post by lxo »

every time I get the leak report with MadExcept in Delphi, with two entries "InitializeCriticalSection".

The trigger seems to be the initialization part of IdStack.pas and IdThread.pas.

If I deactivate MadExcept and only activate ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutdown in Delphi I get no message about the leaks.
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Re: Leak report - InitializeCriticalSection

Post by madshi »

These are true leaks. But they're resource leaks, not memory leaks. ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutdown only checks for memory leaks.

With the latest madExcept update:


... you can call "madExcept.HideInitializationLeaks()" to hide any leaks that occur within any unit "initialization" sections, if you so prefer.
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