Statistics for madexcept logs

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Statistics for madexcept logs

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just wanted to show an example of how I am using madexcept, my program saves the logs to a firebird database together with a screenshot so I always have the exceptions to search through later. Now I'm planning to add more statistics for these logs, to f.ex. better see what type of exceptions has happened when and on which computer, program uptime etc. Too much of this information is just in a text-memo now. But then I thought it could be a good idea to check if there already is something I can use before I make more code from scratch myself. How are the rest of you using madexcept? Did you implement something smart? Is there something available already which can be reused?
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Re: Statistics for madexcept logs

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Looks nice!

There are some users who store crash reports in bug trackers or crash trackers. E.g. Mantis is often used.
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