Callstack from inc-file

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Callstack from inc-file

Postby Berocoder » Thu May 23, 2019 9:49 am

Hi, my team use Bold for Delphi as ORM framework. That is a bit special as it use a generated file businessClasses.pas for all modeled code.
As that file can be very large for a big model the code is located in inc-files.

So the problem we have now is that callstack contains references to businessClasses not the inc-file with the actual code.
And this works with our previous exceptionhandler JCL.

You should be able to reproduce it if you include an inc-file with some code and raise exception there.
I made a small demo and unitname was pas-file not the inc-file as I wanted.
The incDemo is attached to this post.
It would be great if you can fix it because MadExcept is better than JCL in other aspects.
But as this is critical for us we have to revert to JCL in the meantime.

Btw we have talked about rewrite codegeneration to use standard pas-files instead. But that is a big project and current solution works so...

A collegue actually said he used MadExcept a couple of years ago and then it worked with inc-files.
Could it be that this feature was gone by mistake as it is not common to place code there ?

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Re: Callstack from inc-file

Postby madshi » Wed Jun 05, 2019 8:53 am

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