Unable to set madExcept settings at runtime

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Unable to set madExcept settings at runtime

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I am evaluating madExcept for use with C++ Builder 10.2 in my software and I have so far been unable to successfully change the settings at runtime. The default bug report filename is bugreport.txt and is written to the directory that contains the executable. When I execute the following code the message box prints "bugreport.txt", not the path that I had just set.

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MESettings( )->BugReportFile = UnicodeString( L"C:\\Path\\Here\\bugreport.txt" );
ShowMessage( MESettings( )->BugReportFile );
Other forum posts that I searched for indicated that most of the properties in MESettings, including BugReportFile, can be set at runtime. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much!

-- Adrian
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Re: Unable to set madExcept settings at runtime

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Seems weird, that's supposed to work. Did you fully enable madExcept for your project? I suppose MESettings() might not work properly if there are no settings to start with.
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