Purchase price with GST ?

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Purchase price with GST ?

Postby bwilt » Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:53 am

I was just looking at a single user developer license and noted the Version: 4.* ?

Should that not read 5 ?

I also select the country to New Zealand and see it is showing GST when you click to define that it shows VAT information.

We do pay GST but only on local goods any idea why this is always shown ?

If I change to pay in US or anything else its still show 15% GST.
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Re: Purchase price with GST ?

Postby madshi » Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:17 am

Yes, that's a mistake, I'll fix the shop page to read 5.* right away.

Not sure about VAT. That seems weird to me, but I don't really have control over what the shop does. However, if I enter the shop page, there's an "i" symbol for VAT which reads:

[quote]Adapting sales tax/VAT when country of delivery is changed

If the country of delivery is changed during the order process, the sales tax/VAT rate shown here may also change.
Note: We are required by law to display final prices (equal to the product price plus any applicable VAT) in the order process. Under certain circumstances, if, for instance, a VAT ID is entered during the order process for a transaction between two companies, the total amount displayed may be reduced by the exact VAT amount.]/quote]
So probably the VAT goes away later in the ordering process?
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