madExcept not work in big app

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madExcept not work in big app

Postby nosek » Thu Oct 25, 2018 11:29 pm

sorry for my bad English.

I use madExcept and c++ Embacadero 10.1
madExcept 4.0.20

my app - big app (50MB) not use madExcept (how long, I'dont know)
madExcept is enabled

disable and enable not solve problem.

Process Explorer when linker exit show process MadExceptPatch.exe

small test project use madExcept

te same bug (divide by 0) in big app generate standard messages

if disable madExcep, my app smaller about ~3MB

I use TwineCompile install last two month

more components
last install Blackbox six month back
and more other, long time use

problem exists
madExcept 4.0.17

now, today I install madExcept 4.0.20

any suggestion?


01:11:12-542 PatchBinary, compileSucceeded: +, binary: "V:\xxxxxxx\xxxxxxxxxxxxx.exe", root: "V:\xxxxxxxxxx\xxxxxxxxx"
01:11:12-543 binary successfully opened
01:11:13-385 map file successfully loaded/parsed
01:11:13-386 binary opened as memory mapped file
01:11:13-388 patch binary
01:11:13-392 madExcept.BcbInitExceptBlockLDTC: $00631f3c
01:11:13-396 .__InitExceptBlockLDTC: $01b340c0
01:11:13-397 madExcept.BcbExceptionHandler: $00631f34
01:11:13-401 .____ExceptionHandler: $01b36e30
01:11:13-402 madExcept.BcbThrowExceptionLDTC: $00631f38
01:11:13-405 ._ThrowExceptionLDTC: $01b36b68
01:11:13-406 madExcept.BcbOrgMalloc: $00631f40
01:11:13-410 .___org_malloc: $01b2732c
01:11:13-411 madExcept.BcbMemcpy not found
01:11:13-419 ._memcpy|memcpy: $01b3a718
01:11:13-420 madExcept.BcbCallTerminate: $00631f44
01:11:13-437 .___call_terminate: $01b34c6c
01:11:13-438 madExcept.BcbVclClearEH: $00631f4c
01:11:13-442 .___VCL_clear_EH: $01b27d34
01:11:13-443 madExcept.Forms_TApplication_HandleException: $00631ef4
01:11:13-461 Vcl.Forms.TApplication.HandleException not found
01:11:13-461 madExcept.Forms_TApplication_ShowException: $00631ef8
01:11:13-479 Vcl.Forms.TApplication.ShowException not found
01:11:13-480 madExcept.Qforms_TApplication_HandleException: $00631efc
01:11:13-481 Qforms.TApplication.HandleException not found
01:11:13-481 madExcept.Qforms_TApplication_ShowException: $00631f00
01:11:13-482 Qforms.TApplication.ShowException not found
01:11:13-483 madExcept.FMX_TApplication_HandleException: $00631f04
01:11:13-484 FMX.Forms.TApplication.HandleException not found
01:11:13-485 madExcept.FMX_TApplication_ShowException: $00631f08
01:11:13-486 FMX.Forms.TApplication.ShowException not found
01:11:13-487 madExcept.SysUtils_ShowException: $00631f0c
01:11:13-594 System.SysUtils.ShowException not found
01:11:13-595 madExcept.SysUtils_LoadPackage: $00631f10
01:11:13-698 System.SysUtils.LoadPackage not found
01:11:13-699 madExcept.SysUtils_InitializePackage: $00631dbc
01:11:13-803 System.SysUtils.InitializePackage not found
01:11:13-804 madExcept.SysUtils_Exception_RaisingException: $00631f14
01:11:13-911 System.SysUtils.Exception.RaisingException not found
01:11:13-912 madExcept.SysUtils_Exception_GetStackTrace: $00631f18
01:11:14-021 System.SysUtils.Exception.GetStackTrace not found
01:11:14-022 madExcept.SysUtils_Exception_Destroy: $00631f1c
01:11:14-126 System.SysUtils.Exception.Destroy not found
01:11:14-127 madExcept.SysUtils_AnsiStrAlloc: $00631dc0
01:11:14-235 System.SysUtils.AnsiStrAlloc|StrAlloc not found
01:11:14-236 madExcept.SysUtils_WideStrAlloc: $00631dc4
01:11:14-368 System.SysUtils.WideStrAlloc not found
01:11:14-369 madExcept.Classes_CheckSynchronize: $00631f20
01:11:14-478 System.Classes.CheckSynchronize not found
01:11:14-479 madExcept.CGIApp_TCGIApplication_CGIHandleException: $00631f24
01:11:14-480 Web.CGIApp.TCGIApplication.CGIHandleException not found
01:11:14-481 madExcept.ISAPIApp_TISAPIApplication_ISAPIHandleException: $00631f28
01:11:14-481 Web.Win.ISAPIApp.TISAPIApplication.ISAPIHandleException not found
01:11:14-482 madExcept.System_InitUnits: $00631dcc
01:11:14-593 System.InitUnits not found
01:11:14-594 madExcept.System_FinalizeUnits: $00631dd0
01:11:14-807 System.FinalizeUnits|FInitUnits not found
01:11:14-807 madExcept.System_ExceptionHandler: $00631f2c
01:11:14-915 System.@ExceptionHandler not found
01:11:14-916 madExcept.System_runErrMsg: $00631f30
01:11:14-920 System.runErrMsg not found
01:11:14-920 madExcept.ReportLeaks: $00631ee8
01:11:14-921 madExcept.DelphiDebugMm: $00631eec
01:11:14-922 madExcept.CrashOnOverrun: $00631ef0
01:11:14-922 Info: Binary patched.
01:11:14-923 Warning: Due to incomplete debug information madExcept may not work correctly.
01:11:14-923 Warning: This is probably a consequence of BCB bug QC# 104255.
01:11:14-924 Warning: Workaround: Copy "rtl/vcl.lib" from the BCB "debug" folder to "release".
01:11:14-925 append map file to binary
01:11:14-925 map file is not yet appended
01:11:15-172 append map file now
01:11:15-175 Info: map file appended
01:11:15-351 PatchBinary done
01:11:15-466 Warning: Due to incomplete debug information madExcept may not work correctly.
01:11:15-467 Warning: This is probably a consequence of BCB bug QC# 104255.
01:11:15-468 Warning: Workaround: Copy "rtl/vcl.lib" from the BCB "debug" folder to "release".
01:11:15-468 PatchBinary done
01:11:15-471 AfterCompile done
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Re: madExcept not work in big app

Postby madshi » Tue Nov 13, 2018 6:25 pm

I've already replied to your email, describing the same problem. So let's continue discussion via email.
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Re: madExcept not work in big app

Postby nosek » Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:47 am

after some testing I found that in the following section in the cbproj file:

<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Cfg_1)'!=''">

... the following line was missing in your Przychodnia.cbproj:


After adding that, everything worked fine for me.

Best regards, Mathias.


tx Mathias
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