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C++: CreateBugReport()

Postby WWebber » Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:41 pm

a) I cannot search for the string "CreateBugReport" in this forum.

b) What is the trick to get CreateBugReport() working? I am quite happy with all the other exception handlers but I cannot get CreateBugReport() working to create an error output in the log file. According to the doc I should use this function to create a report. I already tested HandleException() as well, but I do not want an error window shown.

If I use this:
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  CreateBugReport( etNormal,
                   true );

I see a little waiting popup window, so the function is doing something at least.

Is there any workaround for just logging an exception error?
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Re: C++: CreateBugReport()

Postby madshi » Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:58 pm

The "CreateBugReport()" function is relatively hard to use because you need to set some of the parameters to "good" values. I'd suggest that you use "madExcept.CreateCrashStackTrace()" instead which internally calls "CreateBugReport()" and makes things much easier for you. However, "CreateCrashStackTrace()" only works inside of a try..except/catch block.

http://help.madshi.net/madExceptUnit.ht ... StackTrace
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