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Email not sending

Postby David » Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:36 am

Is there any way to determine why an automatic email is not being sent?

ME is detecting the crash and popping up its dialog but my 'Automatically send bug report' is not working. It is saving the bug report in the exe dir fine. I've tried two different 'smtp client' setting but there's no visible indication a report is being send, nor is one received.

If I allow the user to initiate the mail sending, then I receive 'Sorry, sending the mail didn't work'. This is for two different email addresses.

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Re: Email not sending

Postby madshi » Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:24 pm

These things are hard to debug. You can test if it works in the madExcept settings dialog (edit the settings, then wait 10 seconds), but you'll only get a success/failure message.

The most reliable method is to upload the bug report via HTTP, either to a custom PHP script on your own server, or to some Mantis/BugZilla/FogBugz error tracker.

If you need/want more detailed information for why SMTP mailing fails, you can always use a WinSock sniffer, of course.

Probably I should include more detailed error information at least into the madExcept settings dialog, will add that to my to do list.
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