Where is the error

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Where is the error

Postby chkaufmann » Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:12 am

I get the following stack trace. Now I'm not sure, if the problem is in madExcept or in UniDac:

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exception class    : EAccessViolation
exception message  : Access violation at address 75B0C54F in module 'KERNELBASE.dll'. Invalid access of address 0018719E.

main thread ($366c):
75b0c54f +058 KERNELBASE.dll                         RaiseException
004b0c2d +019 Logo.exe       madExcept         17204 InterceptClassDestroy
00409199 +009 Logo.exe       System              215 TObject.Destroy
004091a8 +008 Logo.exe       System              215 TObject.Free
013ef900 +018 Logo.exe       CRTypes             626 TCRObjectList.Notify
00529160 +084 Logo.exe       System.Classes          TList.SetCount
00528c53 +007 Logo.exe       System.Classes          TList.Clear
00528bfb +00f Logo.exe       System.Classes          TList.Destroy
004091a8 +008 Logo.exe       System              215 TObject.Free
01746260 +038 Logo.exe       OraNetUni          4486 OCC0Q0COQ0.Destroy
004091a8 +008 Logo.exe       System              215 TObject.Free
01741425 +02d Logo.exe       OraNetUni          2738 OOC0OCQOQ0.Destroy
004091a8 +008 Logo.exe       System              215 TObject.Free
0173e259 +025 Logo.exe       OraNetUni          1805 OQOQCQOOQ0.OOCQCQOOQ0
0174997b +017 Logo.exe       OraNetUni          5502 OCQQQ0QOQ0.Destroy
004091a8 +008 Logo.exe       System              215 TObject.Free
01747db2 +00a Logo.exe       OraNetUni          4999 OQC0OOQOQ0.OOCOOOQOQ0
0175e773 +01f Logo.exe       OraNetUni         12735 OCIHandleFree_
01778e45 +01d Logo.exe       OraCallUni         7142 TOCIEnvironment.FreeSvcCtxHandle
01779539 +025 Logo.exe       OraCallUni         7326 TOCISvcCtx.FreeSvcCtxHandle
0179b5b4 +1d8 Logo.exe       OraClassesUni      2880 TOCIConnection.Disconnect
014a1ab6 +0aa Logo.exe       DBAccess           4102 TCustomDAConnection.DoDisconnect
0150ee63 +01b Logo.exe       Uni                1861 TUniConnection.DoDisconnect
005d96ea +072 Logo.exe       Data.DB                 TCustomConnection.SetConnected
014a52d9 +211 Logo.exe       DBAccess           5188 TCustomDAConnection.SetConnected
005d9674 +004 Logo.exe       Data.DB                 TCustomConnection.Close
016140c4 +010 Logo.exe       BSDBUniDACImp       261 TBSUniConnection.InternalClose
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Re: Where is the error

Postby madshi » Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:28 am

This is very unlikely to be an issue in madExcept. madExcept is in the callstack because it has hooked into every TObject.Destroy. So if a crash happens when an object is destroyed, madExcept is always in the callstack. That doesn't say that madExcept is at fault.

It's likely to be a bug in UniDac or those Ora* units. Or alternatively maybe your project is somehow freeing something twice, or something like that. Hard to say just from the callstack...
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Re: Where is the error

Postby chkaufmann » Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:46 am

Thanks for the quick replies. I'll check with Devart (UniDac).

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