Mantis Integration - where to put end user name

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Mantis Integration - where to put end user name

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This is not really as madExcept issue, but I'm hoping someone else who is using Mantis/madExcept may have a good idea.

I am moving from e-mailing all bug reports to using the Mantis integration. I have everything working great as far as the initial configuration and sending the bug report. MadExcept has been great and made everything really easy.

One item I miss when looking at the Mantis list is who actually reported the exception. The "reporter" is my generic reporter account. I don't see any type of end user name column in Mantis. I know I can add custom columns in Mantis, but I'm guessing I would need to edit both the Mantis API and the MadExcept upload code to get that field filled in during the upload.

I can see the reporter name and e-mail in the text of the bug report file that is attached to the mantis issue. So this will not stop me from moving forward. Just checking to see if there is an easy solution that I have not thought of to see this more directly.

The only idea I have so far is to register an exception handler and append the user name on the end of the BugTrackerTitle. There is a configuration setting for that value, but the user information is not available as a replacement token. However it would be easy to add it before sending. I'm holding off doing that because it will make the title of the bug report fairly long.


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