ANN: madExcept 4.0.6

delphi package - automated exception handling

ANN: madExcept 4.0.6

Postby madshi » Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:15 pm

Today I'm releasing madExcept 4.0.6 with the following bugfixes and minor improvements:

(1) IMEException.ThreadIds/.Callstacks properties added
(2) IMEException.ExceptionRecord property added
(3) added SetDebugMmAlignment API
(4) fixed Mantis automation for latest Mantis version
(5) fixed Armadillo x64 incompatability
(6) improved callback parsing for exception box
(7) fixed: custom RaiseExceptionProc callbacks didn't work
(8) undocumented option "ShowOuterExceptDetails" added
(9) fixed freeze when asking BugReport in epCompleteReport (installer
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