madxnet v2 - new web interface, OpenID login, free accounts

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madxnet v2 - new web interface, OpenID login, free accounts

Postby mjustin » Sun Nov 06, 2011 12:57 pm

November 5, 2011

madxnet is a new web based service for on-line storage
and management of bug reports from madExcept.

OpenID sign up
To create beta accounts or free basics account in the final release,
madxnet users now can sign up using OpenID.
Accounts in the beta version are also free of charge.

Supported providers are:

* Stack Exchange
* Google
* Yahoo
* MySpace
* MyOpenId

Existing user accounts are autoamtically migrated from Google Accounts
so you do not have to sign up again.

Home page and free sign up:

More information and code:

Lower latency
A minimum of three Google App Engine "computing units" is now running,
there are no more application startup delays (except when a new madxnet
version is being installed).
The madxnet server response time is much faster now. This is also an
essential improvement to avoid timeouts when madExcept sends a bug
report via HTTP.

Free Basic Accounts
In the final release, madxnet basic accounts will be free of charge, and
include two instances (for example one for production and one for test).

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