Error with madeXCEPT

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Error with madeXCEPT

Postby MichelBallasse » Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:09 pm

I've installed the madCollection under Delphi 6.
All worked very fine.

So, following to a crash machine, I had to re-install all my computer.

I've re-installed of course madCollection.
When I try to compile my project I've this error message '"the unit mapMapFile has benn compiled with a different version of the unit madStrings.UpStr"

Could you help me ?

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Re: Error with madeXCEPT

Postby madshi » Sat Mar 26, 2011 1:49 pm


and sorry for the late reply!

It seems that you have some madCollection pas and/or dcu files in folders where they don't belong. This usually happens if you manually copy a pas/dcu file into your project folder or somewhere else. Might have been months or years ago. Anyway, the best way to solve this problem is to do a full cleanup like this:

(1) Uninstall madCollection.
(2) Search harddisk and registry for "mad*.*" and remove everything that belongs to madCollection.
(3) Start Delphi to make sure that no traces of madCollection are left and that there are no complaints.
(4) Stop Delphi and reinstall madCollection.

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