MemProof and MadCollection

delphi package - automated exception handling
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MemProof and MadCollection

Post by altheeldr »

We have had this discussion about a year ago and if I remember you said there was nothing to be concerned about. Now it is a bit more important for me.

I'm going up for Veritest certification for verified for windows XP. I'm not sure what memory checks they do.

Have you had anyone get verified by veritest?

Is the inclusion of mad exception handling with the apparently harmless errors it may or may not have with respect to what MemProof says going to cause me grief?
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Post by madshi »

Uhmm... I've no idea what tests they do. What I can say is that madExcept has no leaks that grow over time. Just like Delphi. You know, Delphi also has some leaks, but they don't grow over time. So I think if you have no problems getting a Delphi application certified, madExcept shouldn't be a problem, either. Well, at least that's what I guess. I'm not aware that anyone has yet tried to certify a madExcept enabled application.
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