What can really be done with MadBasic ?

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What can really be done with MadBasic ?

Post by Z505 »

Hi, I am wondering if madBasic can be used to catch an exception and create a custom dialog. Basically I plan to upgrade to mad except commercial at some point, but right now I don't have the funds to pay for a commercial license, so want to get started using madBasic first.

However, does madBasic even offer the ability to do some of what the full version does?

Note: sorry for newbie question as I haven't used this tool for even more than a couple of days, and am wondering how madBasic compares to say the JclDebug tools. If worse comes to worse, I save up money and use JclDebug in the mean time, while I build up some cash to buy full MadExcept. However, if MadBasic can do what I need to do, I'd use that in the mean time!

Can you tell me what madBasic is capable of, in relation to making a custom dialog to catch an exception? How about an Access Violation that is not an exception but still needs to be caught? Only the full version can hook into access violation?
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Re: What can really be done with MadBasic ?

Post by madshi »

madBasic is just a collection of basic freeware units. madBasic has nothing to do with exception handling.

What you're looking for is madExcept, not madBasic. madExcept internally uses madBasic, though. madExcept is available freely for non-commercial use. You can download the non-commercial version here:


In terms of functionality, the non-commercial edition is identical to the commercial edition. The only differences are:

1) The non-commercial edition may not be used for commercial purpose, obviously.
2) The non-commercial edition doesn't ship with source code, while the commercial edition does.
3) The non-commercial edition's exception box has a "non-commercial" label in it, which when clicked on opens a browser page to www.madshi.net.
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