Bugreports! madExcept does everything, no sweat.

tell the world if you like my software :P
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Bugreports! madExcept does everything, no sweat.

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I see its been a while since a testimonial was posted here, let me fix that. :D

madExcept is perfect, i use it at work. Its also free for personal (non-commercial) use.
There is really no excuse to not use it when others than you (developer) use/test software that you develop.

It saves me a lot of time, and madExcept actually makes debugging that weird not reproducable problem that the client had "more fun" so to speak: you get enough (if not all) debug parts to complete the puzzle.

A bugreport is stored as a big plaintext file, and contains a nice stacktrace (where in my code did the error occur) and a lot more relevant information about my running application and its environment.

I use it in different projects and helps any colleague/tester or customer to effortles report any issue (exception) the application did not catch. It emails me, or uploads to a Mantis issue tracker where i can easily classify them (even tag duplicates) and take/see notes.

And on top of that madExcept can even make (and upload) a snapshot of the application GUI or any related (opened) files or logs that i find relevant.
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Re: Bugreports! madExcept does everything, no sweat.

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Thanks, I appreciate the testimonial! :blush:
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