Not mine, but still very much recommended :)

tell the world if you like my software :P
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Not mine, but still very much recommended :)

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A tool called ICQMenace. Using madCodeHookLib it can do:

ICQMenace it's a tool that helps to understand ICQ protocol. It catches
winsock.dll calls and dumps the transferred data. ICQMenace doesn't change enything in the program code or incoming/outgoing data stream. So you can see the ICQ packets in the "wild" form. It supports all kind of protocols used in the real ICQ program (ICQ FLAP, Direct, HTTP), except proxies.

Main Features:

* Sniffing all ICQ FLAP, Direct & HTTP connections
* Saving sniffed packets to files
* View the contents of the packets
* Content parser built using external programable scripts (pascal like), which can be extended by everyone
* Exporting to XML, HTML, TXT files
* Doesn't affect on the network data stream, so you can see the "wild" packets
* Compatible with any ICQ (clone) applications: ICQ, Miranda, &RQ, Trillian, etc.
*Sources included!

This program is written by a guy called coban2k (if I am not mistaking, he works at RitLabs - the home of The Bat! e-mail client)

More here:
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Cool - thanks!
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