hooking Ntcreateprocess

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hooking Ntcreateprocess

Post by farhan »

i am new to system programming, and desperatly needs help to hook NTcreateprocess... i have been studying on this for last 10 days and only got a little concept about how to do it... what i need now is a code to hook Ntcreateprocess.... please any one help.... also what is difference between zwcreate and ntcreate.....
thanking in anticipation

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Post by madshi »

Why are posting this in the "fun talk" section? Don't you plan to use madCodeHook for this?
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Post by aiwnjoo »

Why would you hook that function anyway?

It can be done with the mad collection so i suggest you go for that


See iconics post, and many more discussing alternative ways than hooking that function on the forum.
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