eac3to's extracted forced subtitles

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eac3to's extracted forced subtitles

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The Blu-ray release of Escape Plan (2013), I think it is US release, contains strange (English) subtitles.
If the (English) subtitles get extracted from .m2ts stream, either by eac3to or by tsMuxeR, the .sup file does not show any forced subtitle it contains, although Arnold speaks German when in the Box (around 00:52).
If the same .sup file get merged in an .mkv container forced subtitles are displayed along with the regular subtitles.

Now, if eac3to is to extract subtitles from the above mention .mkv container, the .sup file contains forced subtitles only, although as I said, the .mkv has been merge with subtitles not showing any forced subtitles.
I can mux/demux this .sup file with tsMuxeR and I can see them displayed by a player.
But, neither Subtitle Edit nor BDsup2sup can process that .sup file.

Actually, I would like to rip these subtitle so as to have a perfect source for a translation.

Can someone help me with this.

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Re: eac3to's extracted forced subtitles

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Not sure what the cause of that problem is, and currently I've no time available to look into that. Your best bet is to use the doom9 eac3to thread. There are many knowledgable users there willing to help:

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