Disable Ressource-Leak-Check

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Disable Ressource-Leak-Check

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we have a module, which loads a lot of data into the RAM.
When run this with Ressource-Leak-Check aktivated, I reports no leaks.
But when the check is active it makes the module really slow and eats a lot of memory.
Indeed it uses so much memory, so that if the module is loaded at a later time
or there are more modules which are loaded there occurs a memory overflow.
Since the module is already checked for memory leaks the idea is to disable the
leak-check for the time where the large module is loaded.
Is there a solution / a idea for such a problem? Maybe a compiler-switch?
Or is there a plan to make madExcept.MESettings.ReportLeaks writeable?
Or is it impossible to stop the leak-protokoll?

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Re: Disable Ressource-Leak-Check

Post by madshi »

Maybe you can simply disable resource checking for this module altogether? Or is that not what you want?

Resource leak checking was never intended to be used during actual production run on users' PCs, it was meant as a developer-only feature. As such, I didn't expect a slow-down to be a big problem. In any case, there's not much I can do about either the slow-down to the high memory use. Of course compiling your project in 64bit might help with the "out of memory" problem, but the slow-down will stay.

Alternatively, you could call "madExcept.StopLeakChecking(false)" to pause leak checking for a while and then restart it with "madExcept.StartLeakChecking(false)".

Hope that helps?
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