ANN: madCollection

contains all delphi packages mentioned below
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ANN: madCollection

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Today I'm releasing madCollection (installer

madExcept 4.0.9 comes with the following changes:

(1) fixed: PNG screenshots created by x64 code were corrupted
(2) fixed: protection failed for "TWeird.ThreadName"
(3) fixed: HTTP upload feedback didn't work, anymore
(4) fixed: BCB callstacks weren't always optimal
(5) BCB5 bug workaround to make madExcept work for dlls
(6) added new "HideLeak(TSomeObject, count)" API
(7) renamed "ThisIsNoLeak" API to "HideLeak"
(8) madCompileBugReport: fixed column alignment problems

madCodeHook 3.1.6 comes with the following changes:

(1) fixed: CreateProcessEx failed for .Net processes
(2) fixed a couple of rare crashes
(3) [C++] added separate "madCHook64md" and "madCHook64mt" static libs
(4) [driver] fixed: injection in Vista x64 sometimes failed
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