ANN: madCollection

contains all delphi packages mentioned below

ANN: madCollection

Postby madshi » Mon May 13, 2013 8:12 pm

Today I'm releasing madCollection (installer

madExcept 4.0.7 comes with the following changes:

(1) added support for XE4
(2) fixed: empty bug reports were saved/sent
(3) fixed: class type exceptions were not handled correctly
(4) fixed: leak reporting changed FPU control word

madCodeHook 3.1.4 comes with the following changes:

(1) added support for Delphi/BCB XE4
(2) fixed: IPC in Metro apps only worked without replies
(3) fixed: win9x hooking eventually crashed
(4) fixed: FOLLOW_JMP eventually modified export tables
(5) fixed: UNICODE_STRING in internal structure was not aligned properly
(6) "driver only" injection now works without admin rights (if driver is already installed and running)
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