ANN: madCollection

contains all delphi packages mentioned below

ANN: madCollection

Postby madshi » Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:12 pm

Today I'm releasing madCollection (

madExcept 4.0.6 comes with the following changes:

(1) IMEException.ThreadIds/.Callstacks properties added
(2) IMEException.ExceptionRecord property added
(3) added SetDebugMmAlignment API
(4) fixed Mantis automation for latest Mantis version
(5) fixed Armadillo x64 incompatability
(6) improved callback parsing for exception box
(7) fixed: custom RaiseExceptionProc callbacks didn't work
(8) undocumented option "ShowOuterExceptDetails" added
(9) fixed freeze when asking BugReport in epCompleteReport

madCodeHook 3.1.3 comes with the following changes:

(1) fixed: injecting multiple 32bit dlls in x64 OS crashed
(2) fixed: uninjecting DLL twice at the same time crashed
(3) fixed: IPC messages sometimes contained wrong session id
(4) fixed: incompatability with MSVC++ 2012 on Windows 8
(5) added support for csrss injection in Windows 8
(6) added new FOLLOW_JMP flag for HookAPI/Code
(7) fixed crash when hooking system APIs in x64 MSSQL
(8) [delphi] fixed: 64bit injection crash when using Delphi XE2/3
(9) [driver] fixed: Verifier blue screens when using ex/include lists
(a) [driver] fixed: closing processes in x64 OSs sometimes froze
(b) [driver] fixed: injection failure with MSVC++ 2012 hook dlls
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