ANN: madCollection

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ANN: madCollection

Postby madshi » Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:44 pm

Today I'm releasing madCollection, with full BDS XE support, of course.

madCodeHook 3.0.1:
(1) CreateGlobalFileMapping: LastError value is now restored
(2) (Un)InjectLibraryA: improved ansi string conversion
(3) added IsInjectionDriverInstalled/Running
(4) added UninjectAllLibraries
(5) added SetInjectionMethod
(6) improved injection driver APIs' GetLastError handling
(7) small change to make (un)injection slightly more stable
(8) fixed win9x injection crash
(9) sped up first HookAPI call
(a) modified internal LoadLibrary hook (win7) once again
(b) added SetInjectionMethod API
(c) added UninjectAllLibrariesA/W API
(d) added special handling for "wine"
(e) increased default internal IPC timeout from 2s to 7s
(f) [driver] fixed: upper case incl/excl lists made problems
(g) [driver] added native API signatures used by XPSP0 and XPSP1
(h) [driver] GetModuleHandle is no longer case sensitive (w2k fix)
(i) [driver] injection into wow64 processes improved (Vista and newer)
(j) [driver] added a few new user mode IOCTLs
(k) [driver] added some injection tweaks to improve stability
(l) [C++] added workaround for XP/2003 wow64 bug
(m) [C++] fixed: crash when injecting wow64 from 32bit + 64bit exe
(n) [C++] fixed: non-admin users sending IPC messages didn't work
(o) [C++] wow64 (un)injection now includes static link trick
(p) [C++] fixed format ansi/wide mismatch in various cpp files
(q) [C++] fixed bug in rip relative code copy
(r) [C++] added support for 3 byte nop instruction (0f 1f)
(s) [madConfigDrv] "-safeStopAllowed" wasn't stored correctly
(t) [mchEvaluation] fixed: evaluation stopped working in Vista + Windows 7

madExcept 3.0m:
(1) fixed: "%exceptClass/Msg%" were not always resolved
(2) made IMEException.ExceptMessage writable
(3) fixed: SendShellMail didn't work with Delphi 2009/2010
(4) improved "GetCrashStackTrace" result quality
(5) fixed bug in WM_SYSCOMMAND handling
(6) improved BCB stack tracing quality
(7) improved dll unloading stability
(8) changes to make MS verifying happy for dll projects
(9) private threads are named in the IDE debugger now (

The update is free for all madCodeHook 3 / madExcept 3 customers, as usual.
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